I almost do not have a printer at home - I have an old one, but I use it so rarely, the cartridges are always dry. So when I need to print something, I usually print it to a file on my Linux laptop - a .pdf file. Then take that file to work/FedEx Kinko’s - via Google Docs/Dropbox/other cloud service/USB drive - and print it. I am sure there are many who do that.

Also for archiving online transactions, like bank transfers, purchase acknowledgements, etc. - when you don’t necessarily need a print out, but just want some kind of a digital confirmation you could print later if needed - print to file is such a convenient feature to have.

Just wondering why Chrome OS got rid of the print to file feature of the underlying Linux OS? Google cloud print is cool and all, but if you don’t have a Windows PC with a printer connected, you are really out of luck. Am I missing something, or Chrome OS indeed does not have a print to file option?