I am making version 0.76 of Empty ‘em - my Thunderbird add-on - available on GitHub at:


Only change in this version is that maxVersion of Thunderbird is bumped to 3.3a - so it installs on latest nightly builds from the comm-central branch.

I am not updating the add-on on the addons.mozilla.org (AMO) since it does not allow maxVersion to be 3.3a. Which means that I will have to update the add-on on AMO for every alpha release. I’d rather release it now for all alphas, later for all betas and eventually for the final release of Thunderbird 3.3.

I’ve been using Empty ‘em on 3.3a versions of Thunderbird for a while now. It seems to be working fine. Then again, I’ve only tested it with Gmail(IMAP) and MS Exchange (IMAP) accounts.

Empty 'em 0.76 in Thunderbird 3.3a (Shredder)

Take it for a spin and let me know of any issues on the Empty ‘em Support Group.