You may find this useful if you run Citrix Receiver on Debian and you are on the testing or unstable distribution (Wheezy or Sid as of now).

Warning: Includes steps run as root and force-installing package. Not sure if it is a very good idea. So use caution.

Citrix provides the Receiver installer for 64-bit Debian However it is broken (at least for me). It does not install because the ia32-libs dependency is missing.

This is probably as a result of moving to Multiarch which gets rid of the ia32-libs package.

Even at the end of this, the Citrix Receiver installer will not work, since the following procedure does not install the ia32-libs package, so the dependency will still be missing. However, we will install all the libraries required by the Receiver. So if we force-install it, it will work.

So here goes (All the following is done as root):

  • First we need to enable 32-bit architecture on your 64-bit system:
  • Then we enable 32-bit repositories in apt sources by editing the /etc/apt/sources.list as follows:
  • Update the package list
  • Install the 32-bit packages required by Citrix Receiver:
  • Finally, force-install the Citrix Receiver downloaded from the Citrix website:

At this point, you should be able to run Citrix receiver. The binaries reside in:

% /opt/Citrix/ICAClient

As a result of this, the icaclient package will be broken. Anytime you update the system, you may have to remove icaclient to successfully finish the update. If you do, repeat force-install again. So keep the downloaded Citrix Receiver .deb file handy.