I just submitted a new Firefox Add-on for review on AMO. It is a simple add-on that provides a button on Firefox toolbar – much like the Chrome App Launcher.

Screenshot of add-on menu

When clicked, a grid of Google Apps icons opens, creating an easy access to your most used Google apps. The icons in the grid can be moved around to suit your preference. Add-on will remember the positions across Firefox restarts. In add-on’s preferences, you can select which apps show up in the grid. There are only a handful of apps supported at the moment and you can select any nine out of them to be shown in the grid. Following apps are supported presently:

  • gplus: Google+
  • gmail: Gmail
  • gcal: Calendar
  • gdoc: Docs
  • gdrv: Drive
  • gphotos: Photos
  • gmaps: Maps
  • gplay: Play
  • gytube: YouTube
  • gsheets: Sheets
  • gnews: News

If accepted, the add-on will show up on AMO in a few days:


In the meanwhile, you can find it on GitHub:

Code - https://github.com/asolkar/ffx-addon-gglappbtn

Releases - https://github.com/asolkar/ffx-addon-gglappbtn/releases

Feel free to file bug reports, provide feedback at: