Recently, Mozilla made it mandatory that each add-on hosted on AMO ( be reviewed. To comply, I had to upload the latest version of my Thunderbird addon - Empty ‘em to AMO.

As pointed in my earlier post, I was not so much for it, since AMO wouldn’t allow a coarser control on maxVersion of the add-on.

But in any case, Empty ‘em is now reviewed and available from AMO:

If you notice, the add-on is still marked experimental. This is because I only did a preliminary review of the add-on. I’ll wait until I get some more user feedback until I request a full review - after which, the add-on will come out of its experimental phase.

Empty ‘em now has automatic updates

On the positive side though, the add-on will get automatic updates. And I’ve also seen increased number of downloads in the past few days. I guess it always hurts to be in the search results on AMO.

As usual, for support on the add-on, head to the Empty ‘em Support Group.